Lighting in the kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen

We all know very well that lighting in the kitchen is one of the most important issues that should be paid attention to.

The kitchen is no longer used only as a place for cooking, and for this reason, the lighting in the kitchen should be given a lot of importance, because the family members gather together in the kitchen and serve their food in the kitchen. That is why the lighting in the kitchen should be suitable so that family members can relax in this place
Lighting methods in the kitchen:
You should look for the places in your kitchen that you use the most for the lighting in your kitchen. Places such as cabinets, sinks, kitchen counters, drawers, etc. are among the places that you use a lot daily and you can create beautiful lighting in these areas.
To make your kitchen architecture stand out more, you can use lighting in the kitchen in a decorative way. You should be careful that the amount of decorative lighting should be three times the general lighting. If you have a part in your kitchen that you want to attract more attention, you should increase its lighting up to 5 times.
In general:
When you have done decorative and functional lighting, you should think about general lighting. If you have done the previous two steps well, you don’t need a lot of light in this step because all the ceiling lights and chandeliers provide the required amount of light well. General lighting includes general lighting that should be present in the kitchen




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